Which blinds to choose for your home

Whether you are moving into new digs or considering a general spruce-up of your home, blinds are a wonderful consideration for your window treatment. You will find that they are generally less expensive than curtains especially if you look for online blinds shops, come in an exciting array of colours, textures, and designs, are made of sustainable materials, and can be made specifically to your wishes.

Blinds have been a brilliant idea for several millennia. The ancient Egyptians placed large swaths of wet fabric around living areas to cool the desert temperatures. They also began the use of reed blinds, to protect from the sun and prying eyes. Rome, though not as furnace-like, but hot and dusty all the same, perfected shades for the same reason.

These days, we look for the same qualities in window blinds. Filtered sunlight not only makes the room cooler, but it avoids the fading of upholstery and rugs. Some people enjoy the open picture window look, but others value their privacy. They want blinds that present a beautiful window treatment, and that is all.

There are also blackout shades, perfect for those who enjoy watching DVDs during day or night, or for those whose work requires daytime sleeping. This quality blind also filters outside noise.

The most popular window treatments today are Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, and roller blinds. Outside awnings are also called blinds, and for the same reasons. Each has its advantages.

Venetian blinds can be made of many different materials: metal, renewable wood, and plastic. The horizontal flats are wider, and can be positioned by the cords to be open, shut, or somewhere in between.

Upkeep is minimal; a vacuuming with the upholstery brush now and then or a little scrub with a sponge will suffice. Venetians prevent the loss of heat in winter, and keep your inside space cool in summer which will save you energy and money.

Roman blinds have smaller slats that aren’t made for individual movement. They are pulled up or down with a cord. There are beautiful blinds made of bamboo and other woods that are quite lovely in a more casual room.

Roller blinds are made of fabric and roll up or down around battens made of wood or metal. Blackout blinds are usually made in this fashion. These are perfect for day sleepers, jet-lagged travellers, or migraine sufferers.

You will be surprised at the number and selection of all these shades, and much more. The fabric treatments are breathtakingly lovely, and much less expensive than curtains.

The craftsmanship, durability, and beauty of these blinds will make your choice a pleasant one. Make sure you measure windows accurately, as your drapes are made to order. Many online blinds makers offer free shipping as well.

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