Cost of Breast Implants: Saline versus Silicone

The cost of breast implants will depend on many factors, including the type of implant, the implant manufacturer’s set price, the surgeon’s fees, hospital fees, where in the country you get the implants and whether or not you need additional work done to your breasts. Additional work can include resizing of the nipples if they naturally differ in size, breast lift, breast reconstruction or if your breasts are asymmetrical. Women interested in the cost of implants need to do research in terms of price and determine which type of implant they’re interested in, such as saline or silicone. It’s also important to shop around for a physician who has an excellent reputation and one that specializes in breast augmentation. You will also need to consider the cost of care for potential complications that can occur after surgery. Learn how to get bigger boobs fast.

Cost of Breast Implants Based on a Number of Factors

There are two different types of breast implants: silicone and saline. A silicone filled implant is filled with silicone gel and tends to make the breasts feel softer and more realistic. The cost of breast implants for silicone is about a $1,000 more, compared to saline. They also pose more of a health risk, should one of the implants rupture or leak. The saline implants consist of silicone shells that are filled with saltwater. Over time, the water will slowly evaporate. The cost of breast implants that are filled with saline is significantly cheaper than silicone. Should this type of implant leak or rupture, the saltwater will simply be absorbed by the body, without posing any health risks.


The average cost of saline implants ranges from $3,000 to $5,000, while the average cost of breast implants that are silicone ranges from $3,600 to $6,000.

Keep in mind that there are also age restrictions for breast augmentation. The breasts can continue to develop until a woman reaches her mid-20s. Because of this, the FDA requires a women to be the minimum of 18 years old for saline implants and at least twenty-two years old for silicone implants.

Where you live in the country will also have an impact on the cost of breast implants. Large metropolitan areas such as New York, California and Florida will charge on the higher end of the pay scale, while states such as Ohio, Utah and Arizona will offer more affordable options.

How to Find the Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

When choosing a surgeon, select one that has a lot of experience.  The more experience your physician has, the less likely you will be to experience any complications in the future. Find a surgeon that has at least four to six years of surgical training and at least three years of experience with breast augmentation surgeries.

Once you have selected a surgeon, you will need to meet with them for a consultation. These consultations are usually free of charge. During a consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your breast, making recommendations regarding the type and size of implants that will benefit your frame the most, while also discussing the cost of breast implants and whether you need additional work done to your breasts during the breast augmentation procedure. These recommendations are based on how your breasts currently look. If your breasts sag or droop you may need a breast lift. If your areolas are different sizes, you made need an additional procedure that involves making one of the areolas smaller. If you have asymmetrical breasts, you will need different sized implants in order to obtain a symmetrical look. If you do need one of these additional procedures, it will take place during your breast augmentation surgery.

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Your surgeon will then breakdown the costs of the entire procedure, including fees for anesthesia, separate hospital fees, medication, and the cost of breast implants and other procedures needed. Most patients will spend one night in the hospital, but if you experience significant pain or suffer from complications you may need to spend two or three nights, based on the complication. These complications can include severe pain, fever, infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, bleeding or severe swelling beyond what is expected from this type of surgery.

Recovery Time and Possible Complications after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Immediately after surgery the breasts will be covered in gauze. You may also have drainage tubes, which will be removed in two to three days. During this time you will also need to wear a surgical bra as you heal. After surgery, you will need to take it easy for three to five days. As you heal you may also experience other complications that can require additional procedures done on your breasts. These complications include scarring, infection, scar tissue formation and the hardening of the area around the breast implant. In severe cases the breast implants will need to be removed. You may also notice a significant difference in the size of your breasts after surgery, possibly due to a rupture. Breast enhancement.

Implants are not designed to last forever. You may need to have your implants replaced after five to eight years, if the shape and size of your breasts change as you age. Women who have silicone implants need to have an MRI done every few years after surgery, in order to monitor the breasts for leaks or ruptures. If silicone implants have ruptured they need to be replaced or completely removed immediately.

A ruptured saline implant can pose a significant threat to your health

Silicone implants do not ever need to be replaced as frequently as saline implants

If you have saline implants you will need an MRI scan every three years to monitor for ruptures or leaks

The more experience your breast augmentation surgeon has, the less likely you will be to experience any complications in the future

The cost of implants can be affected by the type of implant, the surgeon and where in the country you receive the implants



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