Gear Manufacturers - Finding and Working With Gear Manufacturers

Gear Manufacturers – Finding and Working With Gear Manufacturers

Searching For a Gear Manufacturer – Companies that specialize in gear manufacturing also tend to offer services related to that such as machine tool manufacturing, gearbox design & manufacturing and other related services in China. It might open up your options, especially if you are looking to find a manufacturer in China, to start with general machine shops and ask if they have the machines for gear manufacturing.

Directories and Lists – There are many lists and directories online that list gear manufacturers or general machine shops. It will probably take time to contact each individual shop and explain your needs before you are able to get a response that a company is able and willing to work with you. Larger companies may have higher volume requirements in order to work with you. Smaller companies usually have more flexibility to do small orders and spend more time on customization.

Gear Manufacturers - Finding and Working With Gear Manufacturers

Ask About Design, Analysis and Testing – Find out if the manufacturer not only manufactures gears but can also do analysis and testing of those gears. Some machine shops will also help you with design. Some of the types of testing that machine shops might have would be gear balancing, heat treatment evaluation, metallurgical evaluation, vibration analysis and FEA analysis. Find out ahead of time if you are going to need any of those types of analysis done.

Quotes – It’s important that before you commit to working with a certain manufacturer that you obtain at least 3-5 quotes from different manufacturers. Pricing can vary widely depending on materials, overhead, the machines that each shop has and other factors. Make sure you compare all of these factors before you decide.

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