How small can a PCB be?

How small can a PCB be?

PCB’s can be found in many different sizes. Used in many products the size sometimes can really be a big issue. Simply because otherwise the printed circuit board does not fit into the product.

When a PC is made and it’s about a desktop it’s not that big matter. The PC is big enough to contain PCB’s of a reasonable size. Other products like remote controls or TV’s also don’t have big problems to store a PCB inside.

But many times it does matter how big, or how small, the PCB is. Lets talk about a mobile phone. People want to have a small and flat mobile phone which is handy to take in the pocket. See the new iPhones. They are as flat as a coin. So then it matters how big the PCB is.

How small can a PCB be?

But it can be even more demanding. What about LED lightning? Here we really go small, especially for the LED spots which are meant to replace the halogen lightning.

PCB’s therefor can be very small sometimes. Sometimes up to less as a centimeter wide and long. Those PCB’s must be made by specialists who are able to produce such small printed circuit boards in a way they can assure the PCB will work properly for a long time.

It can be a small world in PCB land!

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