WordPress Changing The Face Of Internet

WordPress which initially started as a blog tool evolved as the most powerful open source content management system. After 9 years of its release it has traveled a long way and reached such great heights. It is very easy to learn and configure WordPress websites as it is available with plethora of plugins and widgets. Millions of users are using WordPress to create different sorts of websites like eCommerce stores, private membership sites, Blogs and corporate websites etc. The major factor that contributed to the success of WordPress is its easy to use user interface. Why WordPress is so famous and How it changed the face of Internet? Let’s check out:

An Easy to use CMS

Unlike other heavyweight CMS WordPress is quite easy to use and learn. It is available with number of plugins, widgets and themes that makes it a really easy to configure and customize the WordPress website.

Search engines loves WordPress Websites

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect that contributes to the success of any website. WordPress helps to create codes which are search engine friendly, WordPress also have several themes and plugins that can maximize your SEO efforts.

-Personalizing website is so easy with WordPress

WordPress is available with many themes, widgets and plugins which makes it a cake walk to customize your website. The ThemeIt flat themes and widgets of WordPress are so versatile that you can use them for almost any kind of website.
WordPress is Omnipresent
Million of people are using WordPress to create their websites and blogs, even more are consuming information about it daily through various blogs and forums. WordPress blogs are quite popular and around 200 million people visit one or more WordPress.com blogs each month.

Grow your Business With WordPress

One thing that really adds to WordPress profile is the flexibility and extensibility of this CMS. If you want to grow your business WordPress is the best platform to use for your websites as it comes with a range of add ons and plugins that can meet your requirements and help to customize your websites according to your needs.

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